Before you dive into the new year

Here are six simple questions that can help you figure out your goals and plans more clearly.

The first three questions are about looking back on the past year and where you are right now.

1. What were the best moments of your year?

This question helps you appreciate yourself more. Check your calendar, social media, notebooks, and photo albums. You’ll find highlights you might have missed or forgotten about.

List every little thing, and you’ll see how much you’ve achieved and experienced this year. Then, you’ll realize all the things to be grateful for from the past year.

2. What were the biggest challenges in the past year?

This one might feel awkward, but it shows how much progress you’ve made. Think about different parts of your life: work, friends, health, finance, and hobbies.

The important thing is not dwelling on the problem but on what you’ve learned from facing it.

3. What have you learned about yourself this year?

Even your friends and family can assist you here by reminding you of what you’ve accomplished or how you’ve behaved.

The next three questions focus on the new year and where you’d like to go.

4. What are you going to stop doing in the new year?

This will help you get rid of bad habits and things that don’t bring you joy.

5. What will you keep doing in the new year?

You don’t always have to set new goals. Focusing on things you’re already doing well is good enough.

6. What will you start doing in the new year?

Once you’ve figured out what to stop and keep doing, it’ll be easier to decide what new things you want to try.

So that’s it! Grab a piece of paper or a notebook and start answering these six questions 😊