Simple & Flexible.

In today’s world, where we’re constantly surrounded by advertisements and social media videos, it’s important to have a simple tool that helps us focus on key aspects of life.

Here’s just one of many examples of how you can use the Kocho Planner Flow:

You have the option to easily find your most beautiful and important notes and ideas by using the index at the beginning of the planner.

Tip: It’s best to write short titles.

Here, you can enter the most important appointments and goals for the month or the next three months in an overview. The notes section helps you with jotting down your priorities, vision statements, or affirmations.

Tip: List a maximum of three main goals that you break down into broad steps. To solidify them, write down your motivation for these goals and also how you want to reward yourself while pursuing and achieving them.

Using distinctive markings, you can differentiate between personal and professional appointments or even what truly matters to you.

Take a cue from the example: On the left side, jot down your daily goals and to-dos. This means breaking down your main monthly goals into these bite-sized tasks. Use the right side to track habits like staying hydrated, meals, workouts, and more.

To get a good overview, list your priorities and appointments for the week.

Tip: Space here is limited on purpose to encourage you to focus solely on the key goals and to-dos. This way, you avoid getting caught up in tasks that don’t really move you forward. It keeps you motivated to check things off without feeling overwhelmed. Of course, if you complete everything, feel free to add more. The main idea is to give yourself that feeling and proof that sometimes less is more and you’ve been productive enough.

If you have a moment each day or week to reflect, you can use the right side for that, too: What are you grateful for this week? How did this week make you feel, and why?

Connect everything together using your own personal markings.

At the end of each month, you’ll find blank pages where you can take time to reflect on anything you’d like. The steps are simple: Let your thoughts flow freely, organize them, and eventually focus on the positive aspects.

To make things easier, there are questions in the planner’s appendix regarding various life situations and areas.

Tip: Use the right side to write down and summarize the positives. This page can become valuable to you over time as you can revisit it during tough times or moments of self-doubt. It’s meant to serve as a reminder of what you achieved in that particular month, what’s wonderful about you, what you’re grateful for, and the lessons you’ve learned.

In the last two boxes, you can decide what else you’d like to highlight, effectively closing out the month.

At the end of the year, you gather your best moments and anything else close to your heart.

Design the pages however you’d like. But to offer a guideline, there are these bars displaying the initials of each month. Following the example, you can organize your moments according to each month.

Tip: Decorate it with printed pictures or stickers. You can also simply write small texts and associate them with the respective months. There are no boundaries here. Just let your creativity flow.

Following the year-end review, you have the chance in the new year to reflect on the past year: How have you changed? What have you learned, and what do you want to carry forward into the new year?

Tipp: “Where should I write my yearly goal?” Before starting with the planner, you can write down your yearly goal on the first page of the yearly reflection section. This way, at the year’s end, it’s right there for you to reflect on specific points about your year.

The possibilities are endless. How you personalise it entirely depends on your taste and needs.

In the end, you’ll have written your own book about your journey in 2024, which you can proudly and joyfully look back on.

One more tip to make it even better:

  • Tab stickers
  • Pen loops
  • Various types of stickers & washi tapes
  • Bookmarks in different shapes

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