Terms & FAQ

1. Which shipping policies and return rights do you have??

As Amazon handles production and distribution, the general terms and conditions of Amazon in the respective country apply.

2. Are the pages colored?

No. Only black ink is used.

3. Is the paper white or cream-colored?


4. Are the pages blank, lined, or dotted?

Most of the pages are dotted with a size of 4mm instead of 5mm.

5. Who wouldn’t find this planner useful??

Probably not suitable for:

  • A person with an overwhelming number of business appointments.
  • Those who take plenty of notes during meetings.
  • A person who is responsible for keeping track of more than three family members.
  • Someone who takes extensive notes during their studies or while teaching professionally.

There are specialized products more suitable for them.

6. How long does the delivery take?

It’s produced on demand only. Since Amazon is responsible for this, the entire process, from production to delivery, can vary based on quantity and season. I would estimate it to take up to a week.

If you have more questions, feel free to send me a mail: [email protected]