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Organizing or thinking about life doesn’t always have to take up so much time or make you feel overwhelmed.

The Kocho Planner – Flow is more than just a book; it is your personal companion that you can flexibly adapt to your needs and design according to your taste. With it, you will find the clarity and sharp focus you seek in life.

Flow 2024 Earth

Flow 2024 Ocean

  • Annual calendar with page numbering for effortless navigation.
  • Title page for your name and an index for quick access to your important notes.
  • 12 monthly overviews give you an overview of your plans.
  • Following each month, you’ll find weekly views to track habits and break down your main goals into small, simple steps.
  • Blank, dotted pages allow for monthly reflections to reduce self-doubt, replace unwanted habits with positive ones, and increase self-worth.
  • The year-end review helps you capture all insights, successes, and special moments so that you can see how far you’ve come by the end of the year.
  • An appendix with useful extras to help you better understand yourself and your life situation.
What does it look like inside the book?

Why do we sometimes fail to achieve our goals?

Often, it’s because we overwhelm ourselves with too many tasks, lose sight of priorities, and fail to break our goals down into small steps. This leads to stress, self-doubt, and the feeling of not being productive or good enough.

The Kocho Planner – Flow is here to help! It’s designed to make tracking your goals flexible, simple, and stress-free, whether you’re just starting out or have experience.

I wish you and your loved ones lots of joy and success on the way to realizing your wishes!

Here are examples of how you can adapt this planner to your needs:
Example 1.

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Have fun planning, taking notes, and reflecting! 🫶