Kocho Design Studio

Hi! So nice to have you here! I’m Giang [pronounced it like ZANG].

After exploring the world for eight years as a digital nomad, I founded my own design studio in Germany in 2022.

Kocho“ means „small butterfly“.

Why? Because it symbolizes inner change, adaptability, freedom, diversity, and hope. These values are embodied in my design studio and influence my work.

While working, I noticed how fast we can lose track of our goals and how time flies by in a flash. Forgetting to carve out time for ourselves, hobbies, family, and friends happens too easily. And those little wins in life? They often go unnoticed.

For this reason, I created the Kocho Planner to provide people with an effortless way to document their lives and track their goals, dreams, and beautiful moments.

Enjoy designing your planner!

Giang Lu Kim @ Kocho Design Studio

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